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Many people who are charged with theft in Texas fail to take the offense seriously. Although theft is a property crime rather than a violent crime, you can still be imprisoned for the offense. There is no minimum threshold of value of the stolen item for the theft laws to apply. You can be hit…

rental agreement form with signing hand and pen and keys

Many people who rent-to-own furniture and other goods in Texas don’t realize failing to make payments can result in criminal charges or even a term in jail. However, a bill enacted this summer by the Texas legislature has helped close a loophole that allowed people who could not afford to make payments to be prosecuted….


A crime known as “jugging” often increases during the holiday season. When a person “gets jugged,” someone takes money from them that they just withdrew, such as from an ATM or bank. According to the Houston Police Department, there were more than 735 documented jugging cases in one recent year. Here’s what you need to…