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Phishing Scam Stole $100 Million from Google and Facebook - Broden Mickelsen LLP

Internet scams are a form of fraud, and a conviction for this type of computer crime can result in serious penalties, including years in jail. Recently, investigators uncovered a large scale phishing scam that targeted tech giants Google and Facebook. Using emailed invoices, a man was able to defraud the companies out of more than…

Dallas Computer Crimes Lawyer Explains Consequences of Catfishing - Broden Mickelsen LLP

In an internet age, it’s startlingly easy for someone to use another person’s picture, name, or other identifying information to commit an internet crime. The term “catfishing,” which is sometimes spelled “catphishing” typically involves using someone else’s photo, name, or personal information for the purpose of luring another individual into a romantic or personal relationship….