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Psychological and IQ tests can play an important part in criminal trials. Juries, judges, and lawyers are not experts in psychology and these tests often prove persuasive. However, recent research suggests courts are failing to properly screen out this evidence, allowing ‘junk science’ to influence court proceedings. A study published in February in the journal…

exonerated man executed texas speeded death penalty appeals

A request by Texas for federal death row appeals to be speeded up is being considered by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, one former death row inmate who was wrongly convicted says he would be dead now if the process had been expedited. Anthony Graves was on death row for 12 years before a…

Detective Behind Seven Wrongful Convictions Facing Inquiry for Framing Defendants

Tragically, police and detectives really do frame people. It sounds like something out of a crime novel. Unfortunately, it’s reality. A New York Times report states that Louis Scarcella, an infamous New York City detective, is facing an inquiry into his past police work. So far, Mr. Scarcella has not been accused of a crime….