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Texas Cop Is Accused of Raping a Woman At a Traffic Stop

Texas Cop Is Accused of Raping a Woman At a Traffic Stop

A case, in which a Texas cop was arrested for allegedly raping a 19-year-old woman during a traffic stop, has made headlines across the nation.

ABC news reported the San Antonio police officer was placed on administrative leave after the alleged sexual assault.

Officer Jackie Neal, 40, is accused of the sexual assault of the woman in San Antonio earlier this month, San Antonio Police Department spokesman Roger Zuniga said in a statement.

The officer who lives in San Antonio, is accused of assaulting the 19-year-old while he was on duty, wearing full uniform and driving a marked patrol car, according to Zuniga’s statement to ABC News.

“This conduct is unthinkable and I’m absolutely outraged,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said in a statement reported on ABC news. “Once we became aware of the allegation, we took prompt action.”

Notwithstanding the comments of the chief and the seriousness of this allegation, we are always conscious that a defendant is deemed innocent until a guilty plea is accepted by a court or a jury finds a defendant guilty. When a case receives massive media attention, it can be more difficult for the accused to receive a fair trial.

Neal is an 11-year veteran of the San Antonio police force. He is accused of stopping the woman at 2 a.m., carrying out a search of her vehicle, handcuffed her and touching her breasts over her shirt, police said. The police report said he then had nonconsensual sex with the woman.

ABC reported on how an emergency protective order was filed against the officer to “protect the victim and her child.”

Although we expect police officers to behave impeccably, we have noted a number of instances in recent months which Texas police officer have been investigated.

Recently we noted how a police officer with the Dallas Police Department received a 15-day suspension after an internal affairs concluded that he was “untruthful” in his statement about the events involving the shooting of a mentally ill man in the city, reported the Dallas Morning News.

When a defendant is charged with a sexual offense in Texas it can lead to a stigma for their rest of his or her life. An experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer will examine your case carefully and look for inconsistencies in evidence and false allegations.