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White Collar Offenses

The firm of Broden and Mickelsen specializes in the aggressive representation of individuals and businesses charged with various types of fraud and white-collar offenses in federal court. White-collar crimes are often related to fraud, and usually result in multi-count indictments.

In order to successfully defend against white-collar allegations, it is essential that an attorney work closely with a client and that the defense conduct a full investigation into the facts and allegations. We are committed to spending the time necessary to fully learn the intricacies of complex white-collar cases and we have significant trial experience and appellate experience dealing with these type of charges. We also will work with a variety of investigators in order to fully investigate the facts of a client’s case. Even in cases that ultimately result in a guilty plea, we devote countless hours to ensuring that a client’s sentencing guidelines are calculated as leniently as possible under the law.

Sentencing Guidelines in White-Collar Cases

If one is found guilty of a white-collar offense in federal court one’s sentence is largely going to be determined by the federal sentencing guidelines. Although a federal judge is free to “vary” from the guidelines, so long as the sentence falls within the minimum and maximum penalties established by law, most judges usually follow the guidelines when imposing a sentence.

A fraud loss of as little as $30,000 could result in a prison sentence for a fraud or white-collar offense even if that individual has no previous criminal record.

In fraud cases the ‘intended loss’ amount and a defendant’s criminal history, if any, are the biggest factors in determining the length of a sentence. Other factors that the courts consider are a defendant’s greater or lesser role in the offense; whether the defendant abused a position of trust; and whether the defendant has accepted responsibility for his or her actions; among many others. Broden and Mickelsen have represented hundreds of defendants in federal sentence hearings and have achieved remarkable success in lowering our client’s guideline calculations or persuading the court to impose a sentence below the guidelines.

Federal White-Collar Offenses

Federal white-collar offenses encompass a wide variety of alleged crimes, but most involve some allegation of fraud. Broden & Mickelsen frequently defend individuals accused of mail and wire fraud, which is alleged in many fraud cases. In the case of mail and wire fraud, the federal interest is the government’s regulation of the telephone and postal systems. For mail fraud, the government must prove not only that a fraud occurred, but also that in the course of the fraudulent scheme something was mailed. For wire fraud, the government must prove not only that a fraud occurred, but also in the course of the fraudulent scheme someone used a telephone.

If the victim of a fraudulent scheme was a bank, then one is likely to be prosecuted for bank fraud. Many mortgage fraud cases are also are prosecuted under the bank fraud statutes.

Another common federal-white collar crime is healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud usually involves allegations that a healthcare provider, such as a doctor, hospital, nursing home, or medical equipment provider, wrongly received payment from either Medicaid or Medicare.

Although it is less common, occasionally fraud cases are brought against environmental laboratories for failing to adequately test samples brought to them by the government. In addition, industrial polluters, in egregious cases, are sometimes prosecuted.

Both Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have over 25 years of experience in representing defendants charged with white-collar crimes in federal courts. They each have tried numerous fraud related cases in federal court and often celebrate a not guilty verdict with appreciative clients. Review our results section for selected white collar criminal cases.

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