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A simple assault is essentially defined as intentionally causing “offensive contact” with another person. If no bodily injury is alleged to have occurred, simple assault cases are classified as Class C misdemeanors. Typically, the police do not investigate these allegations, but merely file the charge based on a complainant’s mere assertion that the assault occurred. They are filed in municipal court or “traffic ticket court.” One may simply plead “no contest” and pay a fine or exercise one’s right to a trial. It is feasible for someone charged with a Class C misdemeanor assault to represent oneself at trial.

A Class A misdemeanor assault means that some bodily injury allegedly occurred. This injury may be nothing more than a bruise or a scratch. These charges are filed in the criminal county courts and, as a practical matter, require the hiring of an attorney. If convicted, one most often has to serve out a period of probation and fulfill requirements of probation such as “anger management class,” in addition to the payment of significant fines.

An aggravated assault allegation means that accused is alleged to either have exhibited a “deadly weapon” in the commission of an assault or caused serious bodily injury in the course of an assault. Some victims, such as police officers, make this a first degree offense with a penalty range of 5-99 years of imprisonment, rather than a second degree offense with a penalty range of 2-20 years of imprisonment.

In most assault cases one of the most important steps a competent attorney makes is the hiring of a skillful private investigator as soon as possible to interview the complainant and all witnesses. Review the firm’s results on aggravated assault cases in Texas courts.

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