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The firm of Broden & Mickelsen is committed to zealously representing those charged with drug trafficking in Texas courts and making absolutely sure their rights are upheld. Drug cases, more often than other types of cases, often lend themselves to suppression motions that can win a case. Broden & Mickelsen are experienced drug defense attorneys, practiced in search and seizure law and the rights of citizens under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Indeed, both Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have been called upon to give lectures to other lawyers on Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues.

Clint Broden was selected in 2014 and 2015 as an attorney of choice by the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association for: If my son/daughter were charged with a FELONY DRUG OFFENSE in Dallas County

– Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Often Drug Defense lawyers attempt to convince clients charged with offenses to accept a quick plea to probation or a small prison sentence. That is absolutely the wrong approach. Before even discussing the merits of going to trial or accepting a plea bargain, we will undertake a complete review of a client’s case to decide if there is a suppression motion that can be brought which might successfully resolve the case. Only if no successful motion can be brought will we move on to the next stage of assessing a client’s chances of acquittal at trial. If a client elects a trial, we will conduct an exhaustive investigation of the case and be fully prepared at trial to aggressively cross-examine the state’s witnesses and, if appropriate, to put on defense evidence. If, on the other hand, the client elects not to go to trial, we will make all efforts to insure the client receives a favorable plea bargain.

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