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Both Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen were certified in the area of general Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1999.  They have now also become part of the first group of attorneys to be certified in Criminal Appellate Law.  This first group of board certified attorneys in Criminal Appellate Law was limited to approximately eighty-four attorneys and judges in the entire State of Texas.

Board Certified AttorneysToday, they are among only a small number of attorneys in the State of Texas that are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both Criminal Law and Appellate Criminal Law. Learn more on why the certification in Criminal Appellate Law was added.

Board Certification is a voluntary designation program for attorneys and legal assistants. Initial certification is valid for a period of five years. To remain certified, an attorney and legal assistant must apply for re-certification every five years and meet substantial involvement, peer review and continuing legal education requirements for the specialty area.

To become Board Certified in a specialty area, an attorney must have:

  • Been licensed to practice law for at least five years;
  • Devoted a required percentage of practice to a specialty area for at least three years;
  • Handled a wide variety of matters in the area to demonstrate experience and involvement;
  • Attended continuing education seminars regularly to keep legal training up to date;
  • Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges;
  • Passed a 6-hour written examination.
  • Certified Criminal Law specialists have experience in the preparation and trial of serious criminal matters. They have extensive knowledge of state and federal constitutional law, evidence, procedure and penal laws involved in these matters
  • Certified Appellate Criminal Law specialists have extensive experience in handling appeals from criminal cases in both state and federal court.  Moreover, to be certified as an appellate criminal law specialist you must have handled a large number of appeals and post-conviction matters such as 11.07 writs, 2254 writs and 2255 writs, in both state and federal court

Approximately five percent of attorneys are board certified lawyers in a particular practice area.

You will find that most, although not all, excellent criminal defense attorneys are board certified in general Criminal Law.  Moreover, most, but again not all, attorneys who have significant experience in representing persons on appeal in criminal cases are certified in Criminal Appellate Law.  We would strongly suggest that, when hiring an attorney, you give strong consideration as to whether the attorney has been certified as an expert in his or her practice area by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen are one of a small group of board certified attorneys in both Criminal Appellate Law and general Criminal Law. Therefore, whether you need an attorney to represent you at trial or on appeal, you will know that both partners at Broden & Mickelsen are among a small number of specialists in both areas.

Learn more about the Texas Board of Legal Specialization on their FAQ page.

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