Texas Prosecutors Are Dropping Marijuana Possession Charges over New Law

A new law in Texas is leading prosecutors to drop low-level marijuana possession charges, even though it has not legalized the drug. The law does not address marijuana. Instead, it legalizes hemp and products derived from hemp, like CBD oil. Prosecutors say the law had unexpected consequences. The Texas Tribune reported the new law had...
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Abbott Veto Means Children Can Still be Charged with Prostitution in Texas

Children in Texas cannot consent to sex, but they can still be charged with prostitution after state Governor Greg Abbott vetoed a bill that would have prevented them from being arrested and brought before juvenile courts. Abbott vetoed House Bill 1771. The legislation, authored by Houston Democrat Shawn Thierry, aimed to amend the Texas penal...
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Is it Possible to Gain Employment After a Conviction for a White Collar Crime?

Is it possible to find work and rebuild your professional reputation after being convicted of a white collar crime? Here’s what you need to know about employment after conviction. When you’ve been convicted of white-collar crime, the residual effects of the conviction can last long after you’ve paid your dues. For people with a white...
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Dallas Federal Crimes – Lawyer Perspective on Patriot Act

Could the Patriot Act affect your criminal case? You’ve probably heard about this powerful federal tool that gives authorities the sweeping ability to engage in surveillance tactics, but most people only know of the Patriot Act from what they see on television. What they may not realize is that the Patriot Act often allows law...
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