How Businesses Can Protect Against White Collar Crime

Most people tend to think of white-collar crime as something that involves wealthy people involved in complex financial schemes, such as the Bernie Madoff case. While it’s true that some white collar crime cases take place on a large scale, there are just as many smaller-scale cases that involve regular businesses. In fact, it can...
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When Is Someone Incompetent to Stand Trial?

To stand trial in a criminal case, a defendant must be capable of understanding the charges against them. In other words, the individual needs to be in their right mind before they can face prosecution. This is known as “competence.” When a defendant’s mental state restricts the person from understanding or comprehending the charges in...
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How to Successfully Win a Criminal Appeal in Texas

A criminal appeal can be a second chance for defendants who have been found guilty. The process is complex, but it’s possible to improve your chances of success. No matter how strategic the defense, a defendant may find themselves facing an unfavorable judgment or harsh sentence. The criminal appeal process provides an opportunity to change...
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Should You Hire an Appellate Attorney in Addition to a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Appellate attorneys are specialized in post-conviction processes. However, there are times when they can be a useful asset when working alongside a defense attorney during a trial. Trial and appellate attorneys serve different roles in the criminal justice system. Because of this, defendants in criminal cases tend to not consider the potential advantages of working...
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Dallas Computer Crimes Lawyer Explains Consequences of Catfishing

In an internet age, it’s startlingly easy for someone to use another person’s picture, name, or other identifying information to commit an internet crime. The term “catfishing,” which is sometimes spelled “catphishing” typically involves using someone else’s photo, name, or personal information for the purpose of luring another individual into a romantic or personal relationship....
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