GoFundMe Hoaxes Can Lead to Serious Criminal Charges

Since GoFundMe was founded in 2010, people have used it to crowdfund for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the site allows people to quickly spread the word about charitable causes, which allows people from across the country to donate money and help someone in need. However, crowdfunding isn’t also motivated by altruism. In...
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Who Can You Safely Talk to About Your Criminal Case?

Who can you talk to about your criminal case? Here’s why your defense attorney is the only one you should completely trust. Anyone that has ever been charged with a crime knows that it’s an incredibly stressful, confusing and emotional time. Regardless of if you’re guilty or innocent, it’s only natural to want to talk...
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What You Need to Know About Getting an Advanced Education with a Criminal Record

Is it possible to go to college and get an education with a criminal record? In most cases, yes. Here’s what you need to know about student financial aid and college background checks with a criminal record. When someone has been convicted of criminal charges, he or she still has the responsibility to make decisions...
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