5 of the Most Infamous White Collar Crimes

When many people hear “white collar crime,” they think of so-called “Club Fed” prisons, where prisoners serve lenient sentences and spend their time lounging around swimming pools and golf courses. The reality is much different. While many white collar offenders do serve minimal time in low security prisons, recent white collar cases have shown that...
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Security Video Evidence is Used in Footballer Assault Charge Case

In recent years, video footage has played an increasingly important part in criminal proceedings whether obtained from street or traffic cameras, social media video or home security systems. Recently, police in Mansfield in Texas said footage obtained from footballer Trevone Boykin’s home security video system may have captured an alleged assault on his girlfriend that resulted...
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What Is the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Drug Dealing?

Drug crimes are always serious. Anyone who has been charged with any kind of drug crime should work with an experienced drug offense lawyer, as the penalties for drug crimes can be extremely harsh. Furthermore, many drug crimes are prosecuted in federal court, which means they are subject to the federal sentencing guidelines. Additionally, the...
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