Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer – Do You Know Your Rights?

Do you know your rights? As a citizen, resident or visitor to the United States, you have certain rights under federal law. While most people learn about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in school, it’s always good to refresh your memory when it comes to understanding your legal rights under the law. The...
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Is Forgery Charged as a Felony White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes are viewed as serious felonies. Is forgery considered a white-collar crime and how is it charged and punished in Texas? When you hear someone mention a white-collar crime, your first thoughts probably wander to someplace that involves embezzlement or money laundering. The most serious white-collar crimes, at least the ones we read...
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Criminal Lawyer Advice on 5 Big Social Media Crimes You Should Know

Social media has changed just about everything about life, including the way people carry out crimes. Before the internet and social networks, committing a crime required legwork. These days, however, it’s possible to engage in crime without ever leaving the house. In some cases, people don’t realize that the activities they do online could land...
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Supreme Court to Decide Double Jeopardy Case

Most people have a basic understanding of double jeopardy. Generally, the double jeopardy clause, which is found in the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, states that a person can’t be prosecuted more than once for the same crime. However, there are several exceptions to the double jeopardy doctrine, and it’s not as straightforward as...
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