Dallas Criminal Appeals – Lawyer Explains Steps After You Win an Appeal

If a judgment is ordered against you in a criminal trial, an appeal is likely your last chance to avoid a permanent conviction. Here’s what to expect after you win a criminal appeal. The criminal trial process can be emotionally and financially draining for a defendant. In many cases, the time from indictment until a...
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What Is the Appeals Process in the Texas Court System?

A judgment issued against you in a criminal case can be devastating, especially when errors occurred during the trial. Learn about the appeals process in Texas and how to protect yourself. The criminal trial process is one that can be long and exhausting for everyone involved. When the verdict or judgment is against you, it...
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Indecent Exposure and Charges in Texas

Is There a Defense Against Indecent Exposure? Read What Dallas Criminal Lawyer Says! If you’ve been charged with indecent exposure, you are probably feeling a range of emotions, including embarrassment, worry, and maybe even outrage. Arguably, when most people think of an offense like indecent exposure, they picture a man in a trench coach in...
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