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Dallas Murder Defense Lawyer Attorney Mick Mickelsen – US Law Tends to Support Vigilante Justice

Many State Laws Tend to Support Vigilante Justice: How the Law Helped Kyle Rittenhouse and Travis McMichael   In the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse there were few facts in dispute. Rittenhouse, who has demonstrated some white supremacist inclinations, traveled from Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin. He brought an assault rifle with the ostensible purpose of defending...
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Sexual Assault Involving a Spouse in Texas

Dallas Sexual Assault defense lawyers – “Sexual assault of a spouse is illegal under Texas law. In Texas, “marital rape” is considered sexual assault and may be charged as aggravated sexual assault if there were aggravating factors present when the assault took place. ” Says Mick Mickelsen, Dallas criminal defense lawyer specializing in sex related defense...
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