How Sexual Assault Awareness Impacts Dallas Sex Crimes Says Dallas Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes can involve a number of different offenses, but in nearly every instance these cases will come down to consent says Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Mick Mickelsen The responsibility of a defense lawyer is to cast doubt about whether the defendant had unwanted sexual contact with a victim, or whether the victim consented to...
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What Are the Penalties for Abusing a Dog in Texas?

Over the years, various celebrities have been caught up in high-profile cases involving animal cruelty. When these cases make the news, many people wonder what the law says about animal abuse—specifically, what constitutes animal abuse and what types of penalties are involved when a person is charged with abusing a dog. Perhaps most infamously, NFL...
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5 of the Most Infamous White Collar Crimes

When many people hear “white collar crime,” they think of so-called “Club Fed” prisons, where prisoners serve lenient sentences and spend their time lounging around swimming pools and golf courses. The reality is much different. While many white collar offenders do serve minimal time in low security prisons, recent white collar cases have shown that...
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