Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

federal criminal defense

If you’ve been arrested for or charged with a federal crime, the first thing you should do is call an experienced federal defense attorney. The penalties for federal crimes are serious, and you should not try to handle your defense alone.

Throughout the legal process, a federal criminal defense attorney from Broden & Mickelsen, LLP will be available to answer questions and provide guidance. If you are facing federal criminal charges, we have the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide you with a comprehensive defense from arrest through trial. Call us today for your free consultation.

Our Experience with Federal Criminal Defense

At Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, we are a federal defense law firm that handles a wide range of federal criminal cases, including white-collar crimes, drug offenses, and other federal offenses. We take a unique approach to criminal defense and use all resources available to achieve a favorable resolution.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified our attorneys in criminal law and criminal appellate law. We have over 60 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in criminal defense. We have a history of successful trial and appellate victories, both in federal and state courts, including:

  • The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts for a former Texas Instruments employee who was charged with stealing trade secrets for the benefit of a Chinese company in a multi-count indictment. We worked tirelessly to prepare the client for her testimony in federal court in Dallas.
  • Our client was charged in federal court in Dallas with passing counterfeit money at the Galleria Mall. Even though a pile of counterfeit money was located under one floor mat of the client’s car and separated from a pile of legitimate money found under the other floor mat, the client was found not guilty on all counts.
  • Our client was charged with computer sabotage. The jury in the Fort Worth federal trial court returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts.
  • A client with three prior federal drug convictions was facing a 22- to 27-year sentence for being a career criminal. We traveled to federal court in Midland, and the client was found not guilty after a three-day trial.
  • Our client was charged with dumping toxic waste and convicted at trial while being represented by another lawyer. The client faced more than six years of imprisonment. After a lengthy sentencing hearing, the client was sentenced to only 15 months.

How Can Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Help

It is critical to our federal defense team that we protect our client’s rights and ensure a fair trial. An effective lawyer acts as a counselor and advisor.

When you retain our services, you’ll first meet with your lawyer to fully discuss the facts of the case. Your federal defense lawyer will take the time to explain the law, what to expect, your legal options, and the likelihood of success in your case.

We will investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. A thorough investigation is essential and can mean the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict or a favorable or unfavorable plea deal.

Additionally, we ensure that any evidence used in any prosecution has been obtained properly. If the prosecution attempts to submit evidence that was not obtained constitutionally, we can argue vigorously to suppress it. As federal criminal defense attorneys, we take a strategic approach to defending our clients. In reviewing your case, we will determine whether there are any issues present that would allow the suppression of evidence or dismissal of the case for legal or procedural reasons.