Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Dallas

Dallas sexual assault lawyer

As experienced Dallas sexual assault defense attorneys, we know how false accusations often fuel these cases. That’s why we work hard at Broden & Mickelsen, LLP to investigate the sexual assault charges against our clients, discover important evidence, and craft defense strategies aimed at securing the best possible outcome for them. In many cases, we have managed to get sexual assault charges against our clients dismissed without a trial or grand jury indictment.

We understand how the charges themselves can be devastating. You can count on us to attack your case early on and to be proactive. To discuss your case in a free and confidential consultation, call today or reach us online.

Successful Sexual Assault Defenses by Broden & Mickelsen, LLP

At Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, we have more than 60 years of combined experience defending people in Dallas and throughout Texas who have been accused of sexual assault and other sexual offenses. Our background helps us to recognize common issues in these cases and develop effective defense strategies. Our experience includes:

  • Jury in Dallas County found our client NOT GUILTY of sexually abusing his stepdaughter. (Mick Mickelsen).
  • Client in Dallas County found NOT GUILTY of the sexual abuse of his granddaughter. After acquittal, his records were expunged. (Clint Broden).
  • Client was a young man charged with sexually assaulting a woman he met at a wedding in Collin County. At trial, he was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. (Mick Mickelsen).
  • Client faced charges of sexual assault of a minor in Navarro County. After Clint Broden’s cross-examination of the detective, the court declared a mistrial. The sexual assault charges against our client were dismissed – in other words, she was exonerated – while the detective was ultimately charged, tried, and convicted of perjury. (Clint Broden).
  • Client was a high school coach charged with sexual assaulting a visitor in his home. After we conducted an extensive investigation, which required two trips to Illinois to investigate the alleged victim, the charges were dismissed before the case went to trial. (Clint Broden).
  • Client was charged with sexual assault of a woman he met online. After we fully investigated the woman’s background and prepared a grand jury packet, the Rockwell County grand jury refused to indict our client. (Clint Broden).
  • Client in Ellis County faced 25 years to life in prison for the alleged sexual assault of a child. We prepared a strong defense, and the State dismissed the case. (Mick Mickelsen).
  • Client in Colin County was charged with sexual assault of his niece. The State’s last plea offer before trial would have led to 20 years of imprisonment. Working with co-counsel in a week-long trial, Clint Broden managed to obtain a hung jury that leaned 7-5 in favor of a “not guilty” verdict. (Clint Broden).
  • Client in McLennan County was charged with sexually assaulting his child. We inherited the case after the client had been previously represented by two different Waco lawyers. We had the client take a polygraph test, which he passed. We met with the District Attorney, and the client’s case was dismissed. (Clint Broden).
  • Client was a shopkeeper charged with sexual assault of a child. We arranged for the client to take a polygraph exam and prepared a grand jury packet for the Dallas County grand jury, which refused to indict our client. (Clint Broden).

Types of Sexual Assault and Other Sex Crimes Cases We Handle

We have decades of experience handling sexual abuse cases, including cases that have gone to trial. Often the issue is charged as some type of assault, such as:

  • Sexual assault – Penetration of the sexual organ or anus without consent
  • Sexual assault of a child – Sexual contact with a person under 17
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a young child or disabled person – Two or more acts of sexual abuse of someone younger than 14 or a disabled individual within 30 days
  • Aggravated sexual assault – Sexual assault resulting in serious bodily injury or threat of serious bodily injury, by kidnapping, by use or exhibition of a deadly weapon, by use of a substance intending to impair the victim to facilitate the assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child – Sexual penetration of a person under 14
  • Indecent assault – Touching, without necessarily penetrating, another person’s genitals, anus, or breast for purposes of sexual gratification
  • Indecency with a child – Engaging in sexual conduct with a person under 17, that does not involve penetration

We also represent clients in a broad range of other cases involving sexual offense allegations, including:

What to Do When Accused of Sexual Assault

Most cases begin when a person calls the police alleging that a sexual assault occurred. Usually, the person claims to make the call close to the time of the alleged assault. Sometimes, a person may not contact the police until weeks, months, or years after the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

If the report is close in time to the alleged offense, the police may encourage the person to go to a hospital and undergo a sexual assault examination. A nurse trained to conduct this kind of examination will:

  • Carefully observe and note any bruising, tearing, or other signs of violence.
  • Take DNA samples.
  • Collect other forensic evidence.
  • Get a detailed statement concerning the allegation.

The police investigator assigned to a sexual abuse case may also have the person call the suspect to discuss “what happened” on the telephone and record the conversation without the suspect’s knowledge. The police hope the suspect will incriminate themselves, most often in the form of an apology.

Generally, the investigator will seek to interview the suspect. You should NEVER meet with police without the assistance of an attorney to objectively evaluate the case and determine whether it is in the client’s best interest to give the police a statement.

When an interview occurs, police will immediately seek to get an incriminating statement. That is why you should seek help from an experienced, board-certified criminal defense lawyer as soon as you learn you have been accused of sexual assault in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas. Proper legal advice from a Dallas sexual assault defense lawyer at this stage could make the difference between a case being dismissed or you spending decades in prison.