Types of Credit Card Fraud

Types of Credit Card Fraud

Updated: April 22, 2021 – Technology has made it easier than ever before for credit card thieves to steal information.

With much of the world’s commerce taking place online, credit card fraud has become a serious problem. There were over 1,500 data security breaches online in 2014, which resulted in over one billion compromised accounts.

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Credit card fraud also costs businesses and consumers $190 billion each year. With the stakes this high, you can be sure that federal prosecutors are serious about prosecuting these cases. Sometimes, they are overzealous about punishing people for alleged white collar crimes. In many cases, a misunderstanding or mistake leads to an in-depth prosecution and years in jail for someone who does not deserve to be there.

If you have been charged with credit card fraud or any type of white collar crime, you can’t afford to go without an experienced Texas white collar crime and federal criminal defense attorney. Your future is too important to leave to chance.

How Credit Card Thieves Work

Technology has made it easier than ever before for credit card thieves to steal information. Although some theft happens the old-fashioned way — by someone physically taking and using another person’s card without permission — most credit card theft today occurs electronically.

  • Skimming. Credit card skimming involves setting up a credit card reader at a sale terminal, an ATM machine, or really just about anywhere a person swipes their credit card. These devices are called skimmers, and they look just like any other credit card reader. A single swipe is all it takes for thieves to get their hands on a person’s account. To combat this, many banks have begun switching over to embedded chips, which are more secure than traditional swipe cards.
  • Phishing. Phishing scams work by asking for a person’s credit card information through email. In recent years, phishing emails have gotten incredibly sophisticated, and many of the emails look like they are from legitimate retailers, banks, and companies. When a consumer receives one, it can be difficult to know it’s fake. Data security experts say the best way to avoid being duped is to never click on a link inside an email. If you receive an email from what looks like your bank or some other company you do business with, close the email and open a new browser window for that company. That way you know it’s a legitimate and encrypted website.

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