Dallas Criminal Appeals Lawyer

dallas criminal appeals

Your criminal case does not end after being convicted in a state or federal court in Dallas, Texas.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to get a new trial, have your charges vacated, or get a reduction in your sentence. It will be vital for you to work with a lawyer who focuses on handling appeals and post-conviction cases in Dallas criminal matters.

When you work with Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, you will benefit from the insights and experience of attorneys who have practiced criminal appellate and post-conviction law in Dallas and throughout Texas for decades. While some criminal defense law firms handle no appeals or post-conviction cases, we have spent many years dedicating our law firm’s practice to this specific area of law. We know how to identify issues that lead to relief for our clients.

To learn more about your options after a conviction in Dallas, call or reach us online today. Our Dallas criminal appeals lawyers can review your case in a free and confidential consultation.

Our Experience as Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Dallas

The partners at Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Criminal Appellate Law and Criminal Defense Law. We have represented clients in state and federal courts including:

  • Texas Courts of Appeals – We represent clients in all 14 of the state’s intermediate appellate courts, including the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas and the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth.
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals – We handle cases in the state’s highest criminal appellate court, where appeals and habeas petitions are heard.
  • United States District Courts – Our practice includes matters in federal court, such as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, where federal post-conviction relief must initially be filed.
  • United States Circuit Courts of Appeals – We have represented numerous clients in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, which also hears cases from Mississippi and Louisiana.
  • United States Supreme Court – It is possible to seek relief all the way up to the highest court in the country. However, the United States Supreme Court rarely accepts cases unless they present a compelling constitutional issue or conflicting rulings on the same issue in lower courts.

Please see the examples of our pleadings and past results to get a better understanding of the knowledge and experience we can bring to your Dallas criminal appeal, and contact us to learn more about our background.

How We Can Help in Your Dallas Criminal Case Appeal

As Dallas criminal defense appeals attorneys, we are prepared to conduct a thorough review of everything in your file, including the transcript from the trial and any pre-trial or post-trial hearings. Our goal will be to comb through the details of your case to identify legal errors that could lead to relief for you, such as a new trial or reduced sentence.

In appeals, no new evidence can be added to the record. However, in other types of post-conviction pleadings like a habeas petition, you can add new evidence. For those types of cases, we may work with investigators to track down potential witnesses and other evidence.

We will review all of your options with you and devise an effective post-conviction strategy. Our firm is unique in that we take a team approach to our clients’ cases.

Throughout your case, we will handle all communications with the courts and other attorneys and file all motions, briefs, petitions, and other pleadings on your behalf. At every stage, we will consult with you and keep you updated on your case’s progress. You will never be in the dark.

Our Firm Handles All Types of Appeals

When hiring a Dallas criminal appeals lawyer, you should always make sure that the attorney devotes a significant amount of time to representing people whose cases are on appeal. About half of our practice at Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, involves appellate and post-conviction work.

The types of cases we handle include:

  1. Federal Appeals
    If you were convicted in a federal trial court in Texas, such as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in Dallas or Eastern District of Texas, you can appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans and, if necessary, seek review by the United States Supreme Court.
  2. Texas State Appeals
    If you were convicted in a state court in Texas, you can appeal to the intermediate Court of Appeals in the region of your conviction and, beyond that, pursue your appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin and then seek review by the United States Supreme Court.