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The charge of murder invokes images of Perry Mason or Matlock skillfully revealing the actual perpetrator of the murder in a dramatic courtroom scene. In real life, the “who dunnit” murder case is very rare.

Most murder charges involve individuals who know each other and raise questions of self-defense. Charges of intoxication and manslaughter are also common.

Texas Homicide Trials

As in assault cases, often the most important first step an attorney can make in a murder case is to hire a top-notch private investigator. Many times the overworked homicide detectives have only made a cursory investigation and a private investigator can find favorable witnesses who were not interviewed by the police. Sometimes it is critical to hire experts to challenge the police laboratory’s forensic analysis.

How Our Murder Defense Attorneys Can Help You

Obviously, the stakes are extremely high in murder cases. At Broden & Mickelsen, LLP, we have had juries return verdicts of NOT GUILTY in murder cases and have had charges reduced to “failure to leave the scene of an accident.” Our firm also has had extensive experience representing people charged with crimes carrying the death penalty.

Successful Verdicts

  • A client facing a life sentence was found NOT GUILTY of murder even though he was identified by an eyewitness and implicated in the murder by his accomplice.

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