Texas Criminal Case Results

The lawyers at Broden & Mickelsen, LLP are not afraid to try cases and have a history of jury trial victories in state court ranging from sexual assault to first degree murder cases. At the same time, sometimes the best victory for the client is to make sure the case is never brought in the first place and, often times, we have succeeded in doing this through presentations made to state grand juries in order to convince a grand jury that the case should not be indicted.

Sexual Assault Case Examples

  • On March 20, 2008, a client represented by Clint Broden at a jury trial held in Dallas County was found NOT GUILTY of molesting his step-granddaughter. Following the acquittal, the client’s records was expunged.
  • A client represented by Mick Mickelsen at a jury trial held in Dallas County was found NOT GUILTY of molesting his granddaughter.
  • A client was charged with the sexual assault of a minor in Navarro County. Following Clint Broden’s cross examination of the investigating detective, a mistrial was declared. Ultimately the detective was charged, tried and convicted of perjury and was fired!!! Thereafter the sexual assault charges against the client were dismissed. See News Article.
  • A storekeeper was alleged to have sexually assaulted a patron in the store’s dressing room. Following a presentation to a Dallas County grand jury by the firm, the grand jury rejected the charges and the client avoided trial completely.

Murder Case Examples

  • A client facing a life sentence was found NOT GUILTY of murder despite the fact that he was identified by an eyewitness and implicated in the murder by his accomplice.
  • A college freshmen retained the firm by a Dallas civil lawyer after her boyfriend threatened to implicate her in her father’s murder. Based upon the firm’s investigation, the boyfriend was charged and convicted of murder and the client was not charged at all.
  • A client was initially charged with first degree murder but was only indicted for failing to render aid after the firm’s presentation to a Dallas County grand jury. The client ultimately received a sentence of probation.
  • A client was initially charged with first degree murder but, after an extensive investigation by the firm, the charge was reduced to simply being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Assault Case Examples

  • A client was charged with aggravated assault (a second degree felony with a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment). The client was offered a Class C misdemeanor (a non-jail-able offense with a maximum sentence of a $500 fine) to resolve the charge. Because of the client’s confidence in the firm, the plea offer was declined and we announced “ready for trial.” Following the firm’s interview of a key witness, the charge is totally dismissed.
  • A client was found NOT GUILTY of assaulting her ex-husband after a three day jury trial in Dallas County.

Other Cases

  • Mother charged with felony injury to a child based upon the report of Dr. Matthew Cox from
    Children’s Medical Hospital. The defense obtained its own expert and the case was ultimately
    dismissed. (December 2014)
  • Client charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Client was represented by Mick Mickelsen and found NOT GUILTY by a jury after a multi-day trial. (September 2013)
  • A Texas State Trooper was being investigated for aggravated perjury and hired the firm. Following our presentation to a Collin County grand jury, the grand jury refused to return an indictment.
  • A client’s felony theft charge was dismissed after the firm convinced the Dallas County District Court judge that double jeopardy applied based upon the client’s other misdemeanor charges.
  • A client was found NOT GUILTY by a Dallas County jury of making telephone threats.
  • A client was found NOT GUILTY by a Dallas County jury of unlawfully carrying a weapon.
  • A client arrested for possession of drugs had all charges dismissed following the firm grand jury presentation.
  • A client was found NOT GUILTY of criminal mischief following a Dallas County trial.
  • A client, who was a professional truck driver, was found NOT GULTY of failure to yield. This was an important victory because, based on that verdict, our law firm convinced the District Attorney not to pursue negligent homicide charged against the client.
  • A Dallas County grand jury refused to indict a client for felony violation of a protective order after the grand jury presentation made by the firm.

Sentencing Hearing Examples

  • Client was charged with drug distribution charge and faced a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence as a repeat offender. After a contested hearing, the client received a sentence of only six months in county jail.
  • The Dallas County District Attorney’s office sought revocation of a client’s probation and also sought his imprisonment for failure to pay over $500,000 in restitution. After a hearing, not only was the probation not revoked, but the client was actually released from probation.
  • A client who was addicted to heroin and committed armed robbery with a shotgun was given “shock” probation after a contested sentencing hearing.

Driving While Intoxicated Cases (DWI)

The firm has represented clients in numerous DWI cases (cases where the client has taken a breath test that was over the legal limit of .08 and cases where the client has refused to take a breath or blood test). Many of these cases resulted in NOT GUILTY verdicts after jury trials or the charges being dismissed. Contact a criminal defense lawyer today.