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Drug Manufacturing

Were you arrested for a drug manufacturing offense in Texas? Some cases fall under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, and others become federal charges. Our board-certified criminal defense lawyers can help you with both. At Broden & Mickelsen, LLP we use our 60 combined years of legal experience to aggressively fight drug manufacturing charges. We will work tirelessly to defend you. Call our award-winning Texas criminal defense law firm today for a free consultation.

How a Drug Manufacturing Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas Can Help

Being accused of drug manufacturing in Texas is a serious matter. These charges can have life-altering consequences, from hefty fines and prison time to a damaged reputation and lost job opportunities. But you don’t have to face this situation alone. An experienced Texas drug manufacturing criminal defense lawyer can be your strongest advocate.

Here are some reasons to consider hiring Broden & Mickelson, LLP for your drug manufacturing defense:

  • Experience Matters – With over 60 years of combined experience, our lawyers have seen it all. They understand the complexities of drug manufacturing cases and know how to navigate the Texas court system effectively. We handle federal charges and drug offenses under Texas law.
  • Fighting for Your Rights – We can investigate every detail of your case, challenge the evidence against you, and work tirelessly to get the case dismissed or charges reduced.
  • Board-Certified Specialists – Our attorneys are board-certified specialists in criminal law and criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This rigorous certification process ensures that our lawyers have advanced knowledge and skills to capably handle the criminal charges lodged against you.
  • Comprehensive Representation – We offer complete and strategic legal support throughout your entire criminal case, from initial investigation through trial and even appeal, for both state and federal drug manufacturing charges. We can also explore post-conviction relief options if needed.

Learn more about the legal help we offer when you contact us for a free case consultation. You can also read our many positive client reviews to learn how we have successfully resolved other cases involving drug crimes.

What Is Drug Manufacturing?

Drug manufacturing goes beyond simply selling drugs. The definition depends on whether the drug-related offense is considered a state or federal crime.

State Law

Texas has harsh laws about manufacturing controlled substances. Drug manufacturing under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, part of the Texas Health and Safety Code, involves drug production, preparation, processing, mixing, compounding, or encapsulating. Texas imposes severe penalties for this criminal offense.

Federal Law

Federal law applies to cases that involve larger quantities of controlled substances or illegal drugs that are transported across state lines. Violations of federal law often lead to more severe consequences than state-level offenses.

If you are facing state or federal drug charges, reach out to our board-certified team for immediate assistance.

What Are the Penalties for Drug Manufacturing?

Texas prosecutes drug manufacturing as a felony offense, subject to a range of penalties from a state jail felony (with the lightest sentence) to a first-degree felony (carrying the most severe consequences). Under the Texas Penal Code, potential penalties for drug crimes could be classified as any of the following:

  • State jail felony – 180 days to two years in a state jail
  • Third-degree felony – A prison sentence of two to ten years
  • Second-degree felony – A prison sentence of two to twenty years
  • First-degree felony – A prison sentence of five to 99 years or a life sentence

The potential penalties for drug crime charges depend on several factors, including:

  • Type of Drug Involved – Texas law distinguishes different drugs into different penalty groups. For example, penalties for manufacturing cocaine are typically harsher than those for marijuana, especially if the quantity is significant.
  • Amount of Drugs – The greater the amount of drugs involved in the offense, the more severe the penalty.
  • State vs. Federal Charges – Federal drug manufacturing charges have sentencing guidelines with mandatory minimum prison sentences for specific drug quantities. These sentences can be stringent, with little room for leniency.
  • Prior Criminal History – A criminal record, particularly for drug offenses, can increase penalties.
  • Cooperation with Law Enforcement – A judge may consider whether you cooperated with law enforcement and your willingness to provide evidence or testimony against a larger operator.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will fight to protect you from harsh penalties.

Potential Defenses a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney May Raise

An experienced drug manufacturing criminal defense lawyer can analyze the details of your case and identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments. Here are some defenses a skilled attorney might raise:

  • Illegal Search or Seizure – Your lawyer can fight to exclude evidence from your case if it was obtained through an unlawful search or seizure, such as searching a place without probable cause or a warrant.
  • Lack of Reasonable Suspicion – The police need a valid reason to pull you over for a traffic stop. If law enforcement lacks reasonable suspicion, your lawyer can argue for suppressing any evidence obtained during the stop.
  • Chain of Custody or Missing Evidence Issues – The prosecution must demonstrate a transparent chain of custody for all evidence used against you. If there are gaps in the chain of custody or missing evidence, the case against you is weaker.
  • Lab Errors – Mistakes such as inadequate quality control, incorrectly interpreted data, and failure to follow standard procedures can occur in the police crime lab. An attorney can investigate the possibility of lab errors that could weaken the prosecution’s case.
  • Warrant Based on Unreliable Information – If the police obtained a search warrant based on information from an unreliable source, your lawyer may challenge the warrant’s validity, potentially suppressing any evidence obtained through its execution.

Broden & Mickelsen, LLP uses our considerable litigation skills to scrutinize the evidence, cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, and bring our experts to the stand. Our experience has brought positive results for clients in situations others thought were impossible to overcome.

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