Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Explain White Collar Crime

Although white-collar crimes are generally considered non-violent, “paper” crimes, they often carry harsh punishments. In 2010, the National Public Survey on White Collar Crimes reported that research conducted by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National White Collar Crime Center found that about one in four households in the U.S. have been affected by crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, Internet scams, as well as investment scams, pricing scams, and unnecessary repairs to their home or vehicle.[1] Individuals, business owners, corporations, and executives can be charged with white-collar crimes, and those who are convicted face a prison sentence or severe fines, and will have to pay restitution to the victims of the crime.

Most fraud related prosecutions in Texas could be charged in state or federal court, however the majority of white-collar offenses in Texas are prosecuted federally. In some instances, federal jurisdiction is practically exclusive, such as in cases involving federal officials or contractors, federal funds, banks, securities, or income taxes. In federal court, if there is a conviction, it will usually result in a sentence of imprisonment. Federal authorities have the tools and means to conduct thorough investigations for an extended length of time so a defense team needs to be as aggressive and pro-active as possible.

Although most complex fraud related crimes of are prosecuted in federal court. White-collar crimes that prosecuted under Texas law, include, fraud involving credit cards, bank checks, forgery, and deceptive business practices. In addition insurance fraud is commonly prosecuted in state court.
If you or someone you love is being investigated for white-collar crime or has already been charged, it is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, so the white-collar crime defense team that can begin building your best defense.

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