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Texas Criminal Appeals

Texas Criminal Appeals Attorneys

Broden & Mickelsen each have years of experience representing clients in criminal appeals for federal courts and Texas court of appeals. Most criminal appeal attorneys have experience in only a few courts, however, our attorneys have defended clients in appellate courts throughout the State of Texas.

The fourteen Texas Court of Appeals hear both civil and criminal cases appealed from the district level. Any case that involves a death penalty is automatically appealed in Texas and goes directly to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is located in downtown Austin, and is the highest court for criminal cases in the state. Broden and Mickelsen have defended several clients in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, read about our success here.

Many criminal appeal lawyers in Texas, do not have an active appellate practice. Even fewer are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both criminal law and appeals. On the other hand, appeals are a significant portion of the practice at Broden & Mickelsen. You can read about our published appellate cases here criminal appeal cases. 

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