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Experience Cannot Be Overlooked in Federal Courts Says Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal cases are complicated, with difficult to understand federal sentencing guidelines, strict deadlines and more written pleadings than state court. Federal criminal defense cases require additional expertise and years of experience on the part of an attorney. It’s imperative that anyone charged with a federal crime engage an attorney who has tried cases in federal court. Unfortunately, few lawyers have the necessary experience.

Federal Criminal Courts

Clint Broden and Mickelsen have over fifty years combined experience in federal court, and a track record of positive results.  Indeed, despite the fact that the conviction rate inf federal court is approximately 90%-95%, only 35% of the cases Clint Broden has tried in federal court has lead to final convictions.

In the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association as providing the best defense for the hypothetical: if my son/daughter were charged with a FEDERAL/Military Offense in Dallas County.

Federal Pre-Trial Investigations

Often people wait until it is too late to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer with expertise in federal court. We cannot emphasize enough: If you find that you are being investigated by a federal agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Secret Service, the time to hire a lawyer is NOW!

By hiring Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers of Broden and Mickelsen prior to a criminal charge being brought, we are able to conduct our own investigation into the allegations. Often, witnesses are willing to speak freely prior to charges, but are not willing to talk to the defense once charges are pending. By hiring us prior to indictment, we can also meet with the government’s agents in order to assess the government’s case. We can also make a presentation to the United States Attorney’s Office in an effort to persuade prosecutors not to press charges.

In short, we have a lot more options than once an indictment is returned. Retaining us pre-indictment could result in charges never being filed or the pre-indictment investigation could greatly assist in defending the charges at trial. Moreover, often when a person is represented by a lawyer prior to indictment, the government will allow the person to self-surrender if an indictment is returned in order to save the person from the embarrassment of being arrested in front of his family or coworkers. Be proactive and contact us before you are indicted!

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We never charge for consultations, so please call us immediately if you believe that you are being investigated for a federal criminal offense. You owe it to yourself to be proactive.

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