6 Signs That You’re the Target of a White-Collar Crime Investigation

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An investigation is always the first step in the criminal justice process, including cases of suspected white-collar crime. That said, those who are the targets of a white-collar crime investigation don’t always find out in exactly the same way.

It is common for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to become involved in such criminal cases. Whether it’s the FBI or your local law enforcement, it’s important to understand the various indicators that you’re being looked at, or are under investigation, for a white-collar crime.

Are You the Target of an Investigation?

Most people go through their lives without ever considering the possibility that they’re the target of an investigation. If you’ve found yourself entangled in white collar criminal activity, even just as a peripheral player with some knowledge of what was going on, you might live with a constant nagging feeling that someone is watching your every move.

This fear isn’t always far-fetched. Investigations of this kind are never launched on a whim. By the time a formal investigation into a white-collar crime is launched, a great deal of examining evidence and looking at potential suspects has already occurred. You can trust that sufficient preliminary investigations have been going on for a while by the time you learn of potential charges.

In some cases, you may hear about a new or ongoing investigation through the grapevine. It might be that rumors start circulating around the office, or you might know someone who is currently being investigated for a white-collar crime that you could be associated with. While not knowing for sure isn’t an ideal situation, finding out about an investigation through the grapevine often provides you with the best opportunities to proactively prepare for an investigation should you be contacted.

In most cases, there are obvious signs that you’re being investigated. A few examples of such circumstances include:

  • A colleague contacts you and informs you that they have been interviewed and asked questions about activity that could connect you to the case. If someone’s name is mentioned in the interview process, there is a strong possibility of that person being contacted.
  • You’ve been contacted by a federal law enforcement agent who wants to meet with you and ask questions about your involvement or knowledge of illegal activity.
  • A federal agent shows up at your home, workplace, or tracks you down unannounced to catch you off guard and ask you questions about a case.
  • You receive a target letter from a federal prosecutor that notifies you that you are officially under investigation.
  • A search warrant is used to execute a search of either your home, workplace, or both.
  • You receive a grand jury subpoena notifying you that you must testify or produce requested documents for a white-collar crime case.

What to Do If Under Investigation for a White-Collar Crime?

If the signs are all there that an investigator is looking in your direction, the question becomes what course of action is best to take. First and foremost, as difficult as it may be, the most important thing to do is to avoid panicking.

Step two is to immediately contact a criminal attorney specializing in white collar crimes. Before you speak to anyone regarding the investigation. This includes contacting an attorney before you agree to speak with an investigator, even if they present the facade that it will be a casual discussion about the case. It’s important to understand that even the most innocent and seemingly benign statements can be used against you.

Contacting a White collar criminal defense lawyers in Dallas

If it has come to your attention that you’re the target of a white-collar crime investigation, it’s imperative that you contact the best federal white-collar crime attorney to defend you and protect you from inadvertently incriminating yourself while under investigation. You need experienced legal representation that’s knowledgeable in white collar crimes by your side.

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