Man is Charged with Robbery After Caller ID Tracked Him to Pizza Delivery Incident, Say Dallas Police

A 19-year-old Dallas man who is accused of using the address of his apartment to stage the robbery of a pizza delivery man has been hit with a felony aggravated robbery charge.

The Dallas Morning News reported on how police said Jorge Armando Flores Montenegro 19, admitted to them that he helped rob a pizza delivery man last week after he was identified by Caller ID, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Police said Montenegro ordered a pizza and a two-liter Pepsi on October 15 at his West Oak Cliff apartment in the 300 block of Glipin Avenue.

When the delivery man arrived at the apartment, he was confronted by a man who had a bandanna covering the bottom half of his face. The pizza delivery man detailed the alleged robbery to investigators. He said the robber told him, “give me the money and pizza!” The delivery man said there were two other men with their faces covered in the doorway. One of them held a knife. The other had a baseball bat.

Investigators said one of the men raised the knife to the delivery man’s face, pushed him down to the ground and told him to remain quiet or he’d be killed.

The men escaped with about $15 in stolen cash — and the pizza.

Police said they later traced back the phone number used in the order to a man called “Jorge Flores.” They said they found a previous address matched the delivery address.

Officers tracked down a current address the day after the incident and arrested Montenegro. He told police he was a lookout and ordered the pizza, according to the Dallas Morning News report. He said the men used the cash they got to buy drugs.

Montenegro is in Dallas County jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Every year there are thousands of robberies in Dallas. In 2012, the city recorded 4,093 robberies. The figure is considerably lower than 2007 when the city recorded more than 7,000 robberies.

To convict a defendant of a robbery, prosecutors must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that while committing a theft, the defendant intentionally, knowingly or recklessly caused bodily injury to another person. Alternatively, the prosecution may prove that a defendant intentionally, knowingly or recklessly threatened the victim or caused the victim to fear bodily injury or death.

The crime can be elevated to aggravated robbery if, in addition to proving the case for robbery, a prosecutor can show the defendant exhibited a deadly weapon, the person who was threatened was over 65 or was either physically, mentally or developmentally disabled.

If you have been charged with robbery or aggravated robbery, you may be facing a stiff sentence. It’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney who will be able to exploit any weaknesses and gaps in the prosecution’s case.

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