Texas State Rep. Victoria Neave is Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated

victoria neave

A Texas state representative made headlines this month when she was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Rep. Victoria Neave, D-Dallas was arrested last week and charged with DWI, reported the Texas Tribune.

The report said Neave was booked at the Dallas County Jail at 3:30 a.m. Four hours earlier, police received a call about a car that struck a tree in the Lakewood neighborhood, according to Dallas police.

A report on the TV station WFAA stated the representative repeatedly told police. “I love you and I will fight for you and I’m invoking my 5th Amendment rights.” Her speech was said to be slurred, according to the TV station.

The news reports said Neave was uncooperative with police officers and refused to perform field sobriety tests or give a breath or blood sample.

Neave was released from the jail at about 10 a.m. the next morning, according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Neave later issued an apology to her district and promised to “accept the consequences of my actions, and will work to make this right.” She said in the statement:

“Last night, I disappointed my family, my constituents and my supporters. I disappointed myself. I am so grateful that no one was hurt.”

Neave made a name for herself in the 2017 legislative session by promoting issues including sexual assault prevention. She authored House Bill 1729, which sets up a grant program for testing rape kits. The measure was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on May 29, and it goes into effect Sept. 1.

She was a high profile opponent of Senate Bill 4 which brings in tough sanctions against so called “sanctuary cities” in Texas.

Every year, well known figures are arrested for DWIs. This month, golfer Tiger Woods was charged with DUI in Florida when he was arrested for falling asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes on a road in his home state.

The golfer claimed he was taking Xanax on the night he was arrested, causing him to become drowsy.

Media reports said he admitted he was also taking the powerful painkiller Vicodin, according to the records obtained by The Golf Channel.

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