Texas Woman is Jailed for Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Fraud can take many forms in Texas, ranging from multi-million dollar white collar crimes to one woman workers’ compensation scams.

In a recent case a woman was sentenced to four years in prison for taking part in workers’ compensation fraud.

The Bexar County 379th District Court recently convicted Lakeisha Stevens of San Antonio, Texas of a third-degree felony charge of Insurance Fraud ($20,000-$100,000).

She was investigated by the Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit in what was described as an “extensive analysis of medical claims submitted by Stevens over an extended time.”

“Insurance fraud is a crime that will not be tolerated in Texas,” Insurance Commissioner Julia Rathgeber stated in a press release. “Our investigators and special prosecutors are working tirelessly with local law enforcement to combat this problem that affects all policyholders.”

The report stated Stevens was involved in a car crash leaving her with minor injuries. However, she submitted multiple medical claims, falsely claiming that her treatments were for numerous injuries and pain sustained as a result of her auto collision.

A TDI investigator who was assigned to the case interviewed a string of medical doctors and verified that the medical problems Stevens was receiving treatment for were, in fact, pre-existing conditions or new medical issues that had no connection to the auto accident.

Stevens’ fraudulent workers’ compensation claims totaled $29,925, according to the report.

Texas sees a wide range of white collar crimes from individuals making false claims to high level Ponzi schemes involving millions of dollars.

Earlier this year four executives from Provident Royalties, Inc. were sentenced in connection with a massive oil and gas investment fraud scheme in the Eastern District of Texas.

In 2012, Texas banker R. Allen Stanford, was sentenced to 110 years in jail. The Houston-based financier was convicted of defrauding billions of dollars from investors in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history.

White collar crimes often carry heavy sentences. Areas such as healthcare fraud have been highlighted as a priority of the Obama administration.

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