The Activities of Mexican Drug Cartels are Extending Deep into The United States say Sheriffs


More Mexican gang and drug related activities are taking place in the United States and Texas is in the front line according to a recent conference. In a Washington Times report a North Carolina sheriff said a Mexican drug cartel set up a drug warehouse about a mile from his home. “These men are coming into our county with more firepower than I have,” Sheriff Page said. “I’m literally outgunned.” Sheriff Page said Rockingham County has jailed 194 illegal immigrants on criminal charges since 2010. He was one of a number of law enforcement officials who were attending Hold Their […]

Serial Killer Tommy Lynn Sells is Executed in Texas Despite Death Drug Concerns


  Convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells has been executed in Texas despite his claims the drug that would be used to kill him could deliver an unconstitutionally painful death. Sells was sent to prison in 1999. ABC news reported he claimed responsibility for dozens of murders across the country. He was executed in Texas on April 3. The 49-year-old was convicted of killing 13-year-old Katy Harris as she slept at her Del Rio, Texas, home. Although her killing landed Sells on death row, he has been linked to at least 17 other killings and claimed he has killed as […]

Canadian is Sentenced to 192 Months in Federal Prison in Texas for Telemarketing Fraud


A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to a federal prison in Laredo, Texas after being convicted of conspiracy to commit telemarketing fraud. Ragavan Thamby, 53, was sentenced to federal prison following his conviction of one count of conspiracy to commit a $3 million telemarketing fraud, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced, along with Acting Special Agent in Charge Aaron C. Rouse of the FBI. Thamby pleaded guilty to the offense on August 15, 2012. U.S. District Judge George P. Kazen sentenced him to 192 months in federal prison in March, 2014. The FBI said in a press release at the […]

New Study Suggests a Link Between Walmart Stores and Increased Crime Rates


  Low cost stores in a neighborhood invariably lead to higher crime rates, a recent study in The British Journal of Criminology, suggests. The Huffington Post reported on how lead author Scott Wolfe, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of South Carolina, looked at counties in the US where Walmart expanded compared to counties where the megastore did not expand its presence. “The crime decline was stunted in counties where Walmart expanded in the 1990s,” Wolfe said in a press release. “If the corporation built a new store, there were 17 additional property crimes and 2 […]

Woman Protests Her Innocence After Arrest in Dallas for Child Abandonment


Child abandonment is an emotive crime but it can also be a difficult offense to prove. A case in point is the recent arrest of two mothers who were accused of leaving their young children in a hotel room while they went out drinking in bars in Northeast Dallas. The Dallas Morning News reported police arrested two mothers on Tuesday after they allegedly left their young children in a hotel room while they went out drinking. The police report said officers discovered a 30-year-old Lewisville woman asleep behind a dumpster around 4:45 a.m. Tuesday on Sandhurst Lane near Greenville Avenue. […]

Federal Prosecutors Move to Dismiss Key Charges Against Dallas man Accused of Data Trafficking


  An activist-journalist from Dallas has been facing more than 100 years in prison over allegations he posted a hyperlink to hacked material. However, the U.S. attorney’s office has now filed a motion to dismiss the bulk of its criminal case against Barrett Brown who has claimed to be the spokesman for the hacking group Anonymous. The case illustrates the fine line cases like this tread between the right to free speech and Draconian penalties. The Dallas Morning News reported prosecutors have asked a federal judge to dismiss all but one of the charges brought against Barrett Brown who is […]

Man Dies in Police Custody After Wrestling Naked with Officers in Dallas


    Deaths of suspects in police custody are always a matter of grave concern.  In a bizarre incident in South Dallas, a man has died after wrestling naked with police.  Police used a Taser on him during the arrest. The death occurred on March 1 on the 3600 block of Colonial Avenue in South Dallas.  Officers arrived in a bar in the early hours of the morning following reports of a man who appeared to be high on PCP, the Dallas Morning News reported. The man from Irving wrestled naked with police, according to reports.  He was arrested and […]

Cross-Border Gang Leader is Convicted of Killing U.S. Consulate Workers by Texas Court


Gang crimes are among the most complex offenses investigators and prosecutors deal with in Texas because they can involve a raft of offenses ranging from money laundering, drug offenses and murder. They can also cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The complicated and far reaching nature of these crimes were illustrated this month when the leader of the cross-border Barrio Azteca gang was found guilty of numerous offenses including the assassination of two U.S. consulate employees and a Mexican national in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in 2010. Fox News reported on how at the trial in El Paso, Texas, […]

Hit and Run Penalties Are Tightened Up in Texas


The recent arrest of a 19-year-old in relation to an alleged hit-and-run accident that resulted in a death, highlights one of a number of amendments brought in last year that tighten up the criminal law relating to driving offenses in Texas. The Dallas Morning News reported on how Lancaster police arrested Santos Quezada, 19, and charged him with an accident causing personal injury or death, a second-degree felony. He was reported to be a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run on Danieldale Road. Police officers found 21-year-old Arin Stroops Thomas lying on the side of the road and he appeared to […]

Seven People Are Charged With Running an Identity Theft Conspiracy in Northern Texas


In Texas, seven people, including a former Fannie Mae employee, have been charged in what authorities say, is an identity theft scheme that drained the accounts of bank customers.