Murder for Hire Charge is Dismissed Against Texas Man


Photo Credit to Arthur Forzus
Murder for hire cases can be difficult to prosecute as demonstrated by a recent case in Texas in which the Collin County District Attorney’s Office dismissed a felony charge against man from Garland who was  accused last year in a murder for hire plot in Allen.
The Dallas Morning News reported that Robert Wayne Bass, 46, was indicted on a charge of solicitation to commit capital murder. He was [...]

Texas Man is Accused of Killing Six Family Members in Houston


Texas hit the headlines last week for one of the worst crimes seen in the Lone Star State for some time.
A 33-year-old man stands accused of killing six members of his former wife’s family, including four children in a home in suburban Houston.
Reuters reported on an appearance in court by 33-year-old Ronald Lee Haskell on Friday after being charged on the previous day with capital murder in the shooting deaths of his former wife’s [...]

Supreme Court Places Limits on Police Powers to Search Smart Phones


Just as cell phones and smart phones have become a way of life in recent years, it has become routine for police to seek to recover information from the devices as part of their investigations.
However, a recent U.S. Supreme Court has drawn a line in the sand on use of information from these devices by ruling that police and investigators generally may not search the cellphones of people who they have arrested without first [...]

Dallas Police Say Prisoner Admits to 2005 Rape of Two Women


DNA technology allows investigators to match up evidence of old crimes as well as contemporary ones.
Recently the Dallas Morning News reported on how investigators say a state prisoner has admitted to raping two women at gunpoint during a robbery in 2005.
The prisoner in question is William Thomas Beane, a 36-year-old who is currently in the Bill Clements Unit in Amarillo. He is serving a 65-year sentence after being convicted of breaking into a woman’s [...]

Attack on Gay Man in Texas was Prosecuted as a Federal Hate Crime


When a crime is judged to be motivated by factors such as race or sexual orientation, it may be dealt with by federal prosecutors as a hate crime.
Under federal law the hate crime legislation may be used in offenses linked to actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
If a defendant is found to have committed a hate crime he or [...]

Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Asks to Spend Rest of his Intoxication Manslaughter Sentence in Rehab


Drug and alcohol problems are widespread among professional football players who face huge pressures on an almost daily basis.
An example is former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent who last week asked a Dallas County judge to let him serve the rest of a jail sentence in a treatment facility.
The former defensive tackle was convicted earlier this year of intoxication manslaughter for a crash that killed his teammate and friend Jerry Brown Jr.
Brent, 25, was accused [...]

Are Dallas Police Misusing the City’s Bike Helmet Law to Profile Suspects?


It may sound like an uncontroversial measure but enforcement of Dallas’ bike helmet law has become a contentious issue following evidence that police are unevenly enforcing the ordinance.
An article in the Dallas Morning News stated the bike helmet ordinance is not being enforced at White Rock Lake, in Lakewood, along the Katy Trail and along popular biking routes.
But one police officer has been on a mission to enforce it downtown, according to the report.
“And [...]

America’s Mass Killers Have Little Criminal History but Share Characteristics


Elliot Rodger’s name is the latest to enter the infamous roll of America’s mass shooters.
Rodger, 22, was responsible for a killing spree at the University of California in Santa Barbara on May 23, 2014 that left seven dead including the shooter himself. A further 13 people were injured, some of them seriously.
He is the latest disturbed young man to go on a rampage with a gun after Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes and [...]

Governors Under the Gun


Govenor Chris Christie
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As of today, no fewer than five current governors are in legal hot water, along with another former governor and his wife.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) may be best known for his suspected role in the “Bridgegate” scandal, in which a massive traffic jam was created by the closure of lanes at the toll plaza to the George Washington [...]

Fort Worth Man is Sentenced to 43 Years in Prison for Sex Crimes Against Girls


Sex offenses can cause outrage in the community and often attract heavy sentences. Recently, the Dallas Morning News reported on how a man from Fort Worth man was sentenced to 43 years in prison without parole for molesting two girls.
The Tarrant County District Attorney’s office said in a news release that a jury had deliberated for just over an hour before sentencing 40-year-old Christopher Gonzalez. He will not be released from prison until he is 83 [...]