Dallas White Crime Lawyers Explains White Collar Crime: Should Criminals Do the Time?

One of the difficulties surrounding white collar crimes is that many people convicted of financial misconduct have no prior criminal background White collar crimes have dominated news headlines in recent years, as the economy continues to struggle back from the 2008 housing crisis and subsequent collapse. Most recently, Wells Fargo drew attention and sharp criticism...
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Software Glitches Cause Mistaken Arrests

Software glitches have resulted in false arrests and residents being forced to serve unnecessary jail time. Everyone who has worked on a computer knows that sometimes errors just happen. In most cases, simply restarting the machine or running some antivirus software can take care of the problem with few negative side effects save for perhaps...
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School Officials Who Fail to Report Inappropriate Relationships Face Criminal Sanctions

Texas school superintendent and principals who fail to report teachers who enter inappropriate relationships with students face potential criminal charges under a bill passed in the Senate. Senate Bill 7 was introduced by Senator Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, following a rise in prosecutions against teachers involved in improper relationships with students. In the 2016 financial year, the Texas...
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