What Is a Mistrial?

Mistrials happen for a variety of reasons The Bill Cosby sexual assault case has dominated headlines over the past year. The case is complicated, as it involves thorny questions about statutes of limitations and whether Cosby previously admitted or acknowledged that he engaged in some of the behavior the plaintiffs accuse him of. When the...
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DWI with a Child in the Car in Texas

The way the law sees it children don’t have the ability to protect themselves Getting pulled over for drunk driving is a scary experience and a criminal offense with potentially serious consequences. But what if you’re pulled over with a minor in your car? DWI with a child in the car in Texas takes that...
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Texas Stand Your Ground Law Explained

People sometimes wonder what rights they have when it comes to defending themselves and their property. Stand your ground laws occasionally make headlines when a homeowner or property owner prevents an intruder from entering their home. Because laws vary from state to state, and even the names for these laws can be different depending on...
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