Can Priests Accused of Child Molestation Be Prosecuted? 

Broden Mickelsen Dallas criminal defense lawyer for child sex crimes explain the law in detail. For many years, the Catholic Church has come under fire for widespread occurrence of child molestation. While the majority of the media attention has fallen on U.S. priests, clergy members in many other countries have been identified as abusers.  “Sexual...
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Dallas Plans a Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing

Illegal street racing is a major problem in Dallas where scores of events were reported last month. Racers can end up with criminal records and even spectators can be hit with citations. The City of Dallas has approved measures to further crack down on the activity. Dallas Police reported the death of one person and...
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Texas Inmates Sue Over Coronavirus Concerns at Prisons

Lawsuits brought over dangerous conditions at jails and prisons in Texas are nothing new. However, the coronavirus epidemic threatens added dangers to inmates who claim they are being unnecessarily exposed to illness. Two older inmates at the notorious Pack Unit, the Wallace Pack prison, near Houston have sued the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. They...
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Civic Leaders Vow to Tackle Domestic Violence in Dallas

Police and civic leaders have highlighted a rise in domestic violence in Dallas as a factor behind a spike in the city’s homicide rate in 2019. A new approach entails more warrants for domestic abusers and agencies working more closely together. The Dallas Morning News reported domestic-violence slayings made up at least 32 of the...
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