Texas Capital May Direct Police to Stop Low Level Marijuana Enforcement

The decision of Texas lawmakers to legalize hemp last year had wide-ranging and unforeseen consequences. Although the legislation did not address marijuana, prosecutors started to drop hundreds of low-level marijuana possession charges. Now the City of Austin is considering its own solution by effectively decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot altogether. The Austin City...
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What Is the Difference Between Aggravated and Non Aggravated Sexual Assault

Any crime that involves sexual assault is considered a serious offense by the Texas judicial system. As a felony charge, sexual assault can carry severe penalties, including lengthy periods of incarceration and significant fines. When a person is convicted of sexual assault, how they are sentenced will depend on several factors, one of the most...
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Are White Collar Crime Whistleblowers Protected by Law?

Whistleblowers play a tremendously important role in white-collar crime. Understand more about what a whistleblower is, and if they’re protected.  Whistleblowers play an incredibly important role in the fight against white-collar crime. Because corporate crimes can be difficult to detect initially, whistleblowers help corporations protect their assets and spark investigations into possible illegal misconduct. The...
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