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Federal White Collar Criminal Case Study — Dallas Defense Attorney Mick Mickelsen Discusses His Work on a High Profile Federal Environmental Lab Fraud Case

Read an interview with Dallas criminal defense attorney Mick Mickelsen about his work on a high-profile federal environmental laboratory fraud case. Alongside other prominent Dallas defense attorneys, Mr. Mickelsen was able to obtain not guilty verdicts on all 79 counts in the multi-defendant case.  Mr. Mickelsen has over twenty years of experience as a criminal...
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Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Mick Mickelsen Weighs in On Apple’s Plans to Scan Cloud Images for Explicit Images of Minors

Dallas, TX Apple recently announced that new software it will release later this year will scan users iCloud Photos for sexually explicit images of minors and report these images to appropriate authorities.  The update will scan iPhones and iPads for known child sexual abuse material (CSAM) from a database compiled by the National Center for...
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Q&A With Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney — White Collar Crime Lawyer Mick Mickelsen Answers Common Questions on Embezzlement 

Type: Blog Category: White Collar Crime Contributor: Mick Mickelsen – Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Contact: (214) 720-9552.  Embezzlement is a form of financial fraud that involves using funds or other assets entrusted to you for a purpose other than intended by the owner of the assets. Embezzlement is a criminal offense under federal...
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