Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Commentary on Texas Open Carry Gun Law Debate

Texas criminal defense lawyer Mick Mickelsen discusses key points of contention in the ongoing debate over gun laws in the state.

Dallas, TX – A number of complaints have been filed with the Texas Attorney General’s office over the open carry gun law that was made effective in the state in January, according to Texas based criminal defense attorney Mick Mickelsen of the Broden & Mickelsen, LLP. Many registered gun owners are questioning the validity of signs posted at certain establishments that bar anyone from carrying open or concealed weapons of any type on the property. The attorney recently released a publication discussing the matter, outlining key points of debate in the case. According to Mickelsen “unless one is a legal expert, it can be difficult to understand the boundaries when the state law contradicts restrictions outlined on signs posted by government agencies.”

Is There Ambiguity in the Texas Open Carry Gun Law?

Recently, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton upheld the legality of a gun ban enacted by the Dallas Zoo based in Oak Cliff. A citizen complaint was filed alleging the firearms policy was a violation of state law. The complaint is one of approximately 60 that have been filed with the office so far by registered gun owners who view ambiguity in the state law that allows them to carry their weapons legally, but leaves room open for government agencies and other entities to prohibit them from carrying guns on their premises.

In the recent publication, Texas criminal defense lawyer Mickelsen suggests that when individuals are unclear of how to interpret laws they could end up in a legal bind stating “even licensed Texans could be faced with a third-degree felony if they carry their handguns in restricted areas.”

The Texas lawyer further states “I’ve seen a number of cases in my career involving defendants who genuinely didn’t understand the scope of their crimes because of how they interpreted the law. Higher instances of this are seen in white-collar crime cases, particularly those involving public figures accused of ethics violations.”

Mickelsen recommends that individuals who are facing a gun charge as a result of possible misinterpretation of state law contact a criminal defense attorney for help with their case.

The Texas Attorney General’s office is still investigating the dozens of complaints filed.

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