Don’t Be a Victim of Summer Crimes

Don’t Be a Victim of Summer Crimes

To avoid being a victim of a summer crime keep the following tips in mind.

Most people enjoy the summer. Warm temperatures and much-needed vacations are almost universally loved.

However, summer is not without its downsides. Certain crimes, including household crimes, peak in the summer months. To avoid being a victim of a summer crime, keep the following tips in mind.


  • Lock Your Car

When the weather heats up, you might be tempted to leave your windows down. However, this makes it easier for thieves to gain access to your vehicle, along with any items inside it.

Always lock your vehicle — even if you live in a low-crime area. In many cases, thieves specifically target residential neighborhoods, where residents are less likely to be cautious about leaving a car unlocked in the driveway.

  • Lock Your Home

You should also secure your doors and windows — especially at night. Household burglaries are highest in the summer months, when the weather is warm. With children running in and out and guests coming over for picnics and get-togethers, it can be easy to overlook an open window or unlocked door. Make a habit of going around your house each night before bed and checking all of your doors and windows.

  • Don’t Advertise Vacations on Social Media

Social media is a big part of everyday life. Before you post that photo of yourself reenacting scenes from “Titanic” on the cruise ship, remember that it might not just be your friends who see your photos.

Just because your account is private or restricted to online friends only doesn’t mean the photos can’t find their way into the wrong hands — or the wrong computer screen. Savvy thieves deliberately monitor the internet to see which homeowners are away from their houses during typical vacation months.

  • Don’t Carry a Lot of Cash on Vacation

Whether you’re vacationing across the world or right around the corner from your home, be careful about how much cash you carry while you’re taking in the sights and relaxing by the beach.

Pickpocketing is a serious problem in most major cities. Carry just as much cash as you need to pay for food and items you need for the day. Even better, use a bank card. If your card is stolen or lost, you can contact your bank right away to have them shut it down, which prevents thieves from accessing your account.

Enjoy the Summer and Stay Safe

With a little caution and some common sense, you can enjoy the summer without worrying about being a victim of crime. If you have been wrongfully charged with a crime in Texas, speak to an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.



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