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How Do I Get My Texas Criminal Case Dismissed?

Texas criminal defense lawyers explain how to get your TX criminal case dismissed. When you’re facing a criminal prosecution in Texas, it’s natural to be curious if there’s a possibility of prosecutors dropping the charges against you. Most people charged with a crime have a lot of questions. Is there a difference between a dropped...
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Can Priests Accused of Child Molestation Be Prosecuted? 

Broden Mickelsen Dallas criminal defense lawyer for child sex crimes explain the law in detail. For many years, the Catholic Church has come under fire for widespread occurrence of child molestation. While the majority of the media attention has fallen on U.S. priests, clergy members in many other countries have been identified as abusers.  “Sexual...
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Dallas Plans a Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing

Illegal street racing is a major problem in Dallas where scores of events were reported last month. Racers can end up with criminal records and even spectators can be hit with citations. The City of Dallas has approved measures to further crack down on the activity. Dallas Police reported the death of one person and...
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